istanbul from sid can create screencasts in ogg theora format, however for text only activities it would be great to have a text only recording as well.

fortunately it seems possible with the script and scriptreplay commands from the bsdutils package.

mkdir /tmp/myscreencast
cd /tmp/myscreencast
script -t 2>timingfile

# now do some hacking, afterwards there will be a typescript and a
# timingfile both are needed.
# then, watch it again ;)

scriptreplay timingfile
telnet 2323
mkfifo /tmp/fifo
nc 2323 < /tmp/fifo
script -f /tmp/fifo

und hier wird dann archiviert?:

while the ttyrec package itself is buggy and seems unmaintained, the upstream homepage has some nice docs on an inetd server for live usage.

this may also be of use: