MiniDebConf Vienna 2016 is over – thank you all for visiting!

Recordings (videos) of the talks are becoming available at the Debian meetings archive.

For lost & found collection and expenses reimbursement, contact chrysn. (I probably won't answer before May 10th, though; please be patient).

This was MiniDebConf Vienna 2016

A MiniDebConf will be held in Vienna at the end of April 2016. Like its big sibling DebConf, albeit on a smaller scale, it will offer a forum for Debian contributors to meet, present their work and exchange ideas.

  • Date: 2016-04-28 / -30 to 2016-05-01 (Thursday to Sunday)

    • 2 days of MiniDebCamp: more focused on hacking and sprints (Thursday, Friday)
    • 2 days of MiniDebConf: one track of talks (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Location (physical): FH Technikum Wien, hosted as a part of Linuxwochen Wien

  • Schedule:

    • MiniDebCamp open from 10:00 to 19:00 on Thu/Fri/Sat in room F4.02; Sun in F0.01

    • FreedomBox packaging workshop on Friday 10:00 in room F4.07, Fonts packaging on Saturday at 11:00 ibd.

    • Talks on Debian fade in from the Linuxwochen program on Saturday around 12:00 in room F0.02, and continue on Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.

    • Lightning talks are scheduled for Sunday 12:00 managed by Nattie. Please submit talks to her in person, to per mail or on IRC; to make things run smoothly, deliver slides as PDFs to her until 11:00.

  • Minutes:


Please state your intention to join MiniDebConf Vienna 2016 on the prepared wiki page; this will help us allocate sufficient space at the venue, and ease coordination.

Call for Participation

The CfP as originally announced is closed. The entered talks are now managed at the the Linuxwochen CfP manager. If you still have an idea for a talk, workshop, sprint or any other event, file it there and chat us up to see what we can work out.


The recommended way of getting around in Vienna is public transport (see Wiener Linien below); bike and walking work well too, cars have limited parking in the 20th district until Friday.

You can get to Vienna by plane (VIE is connected to the local public transport network, station Flughafen Wien Bahnhof, line S-2 / S-7, switch to U6 at Handelskai) or train. When arriving by car, be aware that there is toll on all Austrian highways; 10 day tickets can be obtained at petrol stations at the borders.

Wiener Linien / public transport

Wiener Linien is the public transfer network in Vienna.

  • Next stations:

    • Höchstädtplatz is right in front of the building, and serviced by lines 2, 31 (trams) and 37A (bus).

    • U6 Dresdnerstraße is just a few minutes by foot, serviced by U6 (underground), 2 (tram), 5A and 37A (bus).

    • Handelskai is serviced by Schnellbahn (mostly used for reaching areas outside the city, like the airport), and only one stop away from the venue with the underground line U6.

  • Practical routes to the venue:

    • U1 or southern U4: go to Schwedenplatz, then take tram 2 direction Friedrich-Engels-Platz until Höchstädtplatz
    • U2: go to Taborstraße, then take tram 2 direction Friedrich-Engels-Platz until Höchstädtplatz
    • eastern U3: go to Stubentor, then take tram 2 direction Friedrich-Engels-Platz until Höchstädtplatz
    • northern U4: go to Spittelau, then take the U6 direction Floridsdorf until Dresdner Straße
    • western U3: go to Westbahnhof, then take the U6 direction Floridsdorf until Dresdner Straße
  • Tickets:

    • Tickets are available at multilingual vending machines at all major stations.

    • Single trips are 2.20€ ("Einzelfahrt") for any single uninterrupted route inside Vienna, you can change arbitrarily between underground, Schnellbahn and underground with it. Beware that the airport ("Flughafen Wien") is outside Vienna ("Kernzone 100" in public transport lingo and many maps), and you'll need an extra ticket for the outside zone.

    • If you plan on taking 8 trips or more (which you'd typically will if you stay all four days), buy a Vienna weekly ticket for 16.20€. It is valid for everything the single ticket is valid for until Monday 09:00. If you buy it at the airport, make sure it's for "Kernzone 100", and don't forget that as with single tickets, the trip to the airport is not included.

Time tables / contact / Routing


Possibilities for accomodation in Vienna range from top tier hotels to more affordable hostel dorm rooms starting around EUR15 per night.

Open places around the venue are rare, but you can reach the venue from most places in Vienna in less then 40 minutes. With everything that is close to tram lines 2, 31, 33 (Höchstädtplatz) or underground U6 (Dresdnerstraße) you get direct transportation; otherwise, look for something near "practical routes" above.

MiniDebConf discounts

Harry's Hotel offers discount for bookings of at least two days during the conference. Please use booking code (Buchungscode) "MiniDebConf" if you book via Web, eMail, phone (+43 1 330 36 36) or fax (+43 1 330 36 36 99). It can be reached from the conference location by U6 (1 station to Handelskai) or a 20 minutes walk.

Places nearby

  • Shop
  • Drugstore Basic / Health

  • Eat/Drink:

    • Mensa: Thu/Fri 1100 – 1445
    • C++: Thu/Fri 0730 - 2200, Sa 0730 – 1400
    • Noodle King, Tchibo, Tauber, Bauernschmakerl, ...
  • Computerstore

Be aware that shops - except a few exemptions - are closed on Sunday in Austria. This is also true for medical drugstores. Only few are availabel as special service.

In the evening

Thursday evening, we will go Metalab (Vienna's hackerspace) after the hacklabs close around 20:00.

On Friday evening there there is the Linuxwochen film festival, and the afterparty we will join at the Linuxwochen venue.

On Sunday, we'll have dinner at 19:00 in Schöne Perle (for context, we talks end around 16:30, and equipment teardown and venue shutdown should be done by 18:00). The next public transport station is Taborstraße, which is serviced both by underground U2 and tram 2.


The MiniDebconf Vienna 2016 is sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and hosted by Linuxwochen Wien.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logo Linuxwochen Wien Logo

If you want to help with organizing the event, or have any kind of input to provide, please have a look at the organizers' corner or drop us a mail at the mailing list.

Media response is being collected in this wiki.