Hello Debian,

as announced in December, we will host a MiniDebConf at Linuxwochen Wien at the end of April.

The event will aim to focus on the use of Debian on embedded servers in home or small office applications, but is open to all Debian topics as well.

  • Date: April 28th and 29th (MiniDebCamp), 30th and May 1st (MiniDebConf)
  • Location: Vienna, Höchstädtplatz 6 (FH Technikum, 1)

Information on accomodation and transportation is available on 2.

Please register as a participant at 3 so we can allocate an appropriate auditorium.

Event submission

We invite submissions of proposals for presentations, discussion sessions and workshops, as well as less traditional formats. Standard format for talks will be 45 minutes including Q+A; if you have additional requirements for your event (eg. presentations that don't fit the standard format, workshops that need wired network), please let us know in your submission.

Please register your submissions at 4 until March 28th.

Best regards, and see you in April chrysn and the debienna team